Thursday, 6 January 2011

Take the second left....

So, was it my fault that the GPS has the voice of a squeaky gate incessantly repeating its every move to such an extent that you feel like you want to throttle a piece of grey metal and plastic! Hey, it's only doing its job, but come on, how many times do I need to be told to "at the next roundabout, take the second exit'",  for pity's sake, and to be honest, it wasn't my fault either that my boss added an extra digit into the postcode, made it interesting, the housing estate we ended up in was not the place I'd expect to find the national distribution centre for Bacardi , Jack Daniels & Blue Sapphire gin, but hey, they're welcome to set up in my garden any day. Nice houses though. So, after a quick phone call and the realisation that it should be NG4 and not NG24 we set off to the opposite end of the county. Never realised that Nottinghamshire was such a pretty county, had no choice really, drove most of the bugger this morning, listening to this flaming woman going on and on about junctions and roundabouts! Eventually we got there, couldn't find the way into the visitors car park. When we finally did, we were met by a total "jobs worth", bet he's never had a girlfriend just came into my head for some weird reason, made me smile while he babbled on about, well, don't know really, lost interest very, very quickly. So back to the job in hand, we were led to the two machines we'd come to look at with a view to purchasing them for my operation back at South Kirkby. They wanted £2,500 each! Ok so lets have a look at them, I've brought my senior supervisor with me to put them through their paces. Agh! OK, so one's in the yard and the other, well we've nicked the power supply 'cause we don't use it, great!! So, after a few pictures, a cup of terrible coffee it's back to the car and my "friend in the grey box." Punched in "home" and off we go, but a little voice was saying turn the bugger off. Though I must admit I left it on for all of four minutes until I came across the sign for "Doncaster," instantly I could feel my chest inflate, I looked at my passenger and proudly said, " I'm turning this damn thing off, I know where I'm going," truth be told I hadn't got a bloody clue but as soon as I saw a sign with a familiar sounding name my confidence grew, more than could be said for that of my passenger. "Oh, bloody hell, I was hoping to be back for tea, best call the wife and tell her to put it all on hold" he mumbled. Some people have no confidence in my ability which, thinking about it may be a point of discussion to some extent, anyway, without the help of a safety net, and I can promise you my hands never left my arms, I got us back safe and sound, much to the delight of my passenger, and to be honest much to my own amazement (but I wasn't going to tell him that).....and all before tea! Sat Nav, give me a good old map anytime.....maybe :)


  1. This made me smile! I don't need to tell you what I think of the bloody woman who lives inside your sat nav. I detest her and her whiny voice...and the way that she insists on repeating everything twice, just in case the instruction to 'turn left at the next junction' is a wee bit too much detail to remember for more than the 20 seconds it takes to actually get to the freakin junction. Anyway, I could rant on all day about it but I shall refrain from further comment. Almost. Because I DO just need to say that next time I see you I am going to give you a crash course lesson in map reading. It is time :)

  2. We drove through Nottinghamshire and it was lovely. It was cool to see signs for Robin Hood airport and Sherwood Forest, lol! We downloaded a UK map into our GPS and brought it on the trip. It did quite well navigating us around I must say. There are times when I would love to throw mine right out the window though :)